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Electric Enemy appeal to everyone from the Gen-Z who has begun to search for her way in life to the long-time Brit-rock fan who has heard almost everything before; those who demand from artists not only quality and authenticity, but songs that can soundtrack their lives.
Some say self-titled debut albums are the best. Alright then: here we go! Sitting somewhere between the classic rock of the Foo Fighters with a touch of Oasis, and newer acts like Des Rocs, Muse and Royal Blood, Electric Enemy are setting out to make rock music with a mission. Combining introspective lyrics with compelling melodies and dynamic musicianship, the band has cracked a formula that has made them a need-to-know act in the UK and beyond. BBC Radio 1 host Jack Saunders noted, “There’s something in the water here” - and he's right. 13 all killers no fillers on this extraordinary album.

01. Therapy
02. Bleed Me Dry
03. Burn
04. All For You
05. Take The Wheel
06. Climb
07. Therapy 2
08. Paranoid
09. Do It Again
10. After All
11. Circles
12. Save Me (I’m Not Crazy)
13. Lost Where You Were

CD Digipocket with 4 pages and 8 pages booklet

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